Renowned for creating a special way of ordering coffee, at Café Central Málaga we offer a variety of options, that we update with the times and in accordance with our customers’ tastes. We strive for our establishment to be a place where you are always welcomed and served with the exact coffee that you want, as we know that this is a highly-appreciated service for our customers.

Our extensive opening hours allow us to offer our fare from breakfast to dinner, and many customers visit us every morning to have their special coffee with any of the sweet or savoury options such as cakes or rolls with premium quality cold cuts, in addition to the classic churros, that some people order with our delicious freshly-made thick drinking chocolate. The classic Andalusian breakfast is coffee with a small roll spread with olive oil or butter, which can be complemented with serrano ham, Iberian acorn-fed ham, natural grated tomato, jam, and even a freshly-squeezed orange juice.

specialty coffee

We offer a special coffee, bursting with flavour, which we serve in many different ways

We specialise in traditional Spanish food in our tapas and wine bar, where we offer appetisers, main dishes and desserts, among which are fried fish, paella, Malaga salad (potatoes, cod and orange), potato salad, gazpacho, croquettes with a selection of fillings, porra antequerana (a type of thick gazpacho), roasted chicken, pork jowl au jus, pork tenderloin in Moscatel wine sauce, beef rib-eye steak and many other dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding palates, both in our inside dining rooms and on the cosy outdoor terrace. Our menu also includes a selection for kids, which they will love.

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