The Coffees of the Plaza

Una ojeada en blanco y negro

Those of us who form the Café Central team are committed to our history and to our environment, a centuries-old story full of avatars of each sign, which is worth spreading and divulging. The Plaza de la Constitución, as a social center in Malaga, housed numerous cafés since the beginning of the 19th century when these types of hotel establishments were created, which were so successful. The cafés came to cover a vacuum in the hotel industry of that time and became optimum spaces for the ease of the new society of the nineteenth century.

There were cafes of many types, from which they differed little from the taverns, passing through those that differed little from the restaurants, to those that differed little from theaters and cabarets afterwards. Often they were changing their functions and their services to the socaire of the demands of the ever new clienteles every few years, every generation. The cafes that prevailed in the square were those that besides offering qualified genres and serving them with care, they possessed salons, saloncitos and comfortable terraces and purposely for the formation of more or less fixed gatherings, for the promotion of the social relations in short. Of those ineffable coffees we consider ourselves heirs.

We have commissioned the development of the history of the cafés of the square to our friend Eusebio Rioja, author of various studies about the becoming in the time of the Malaga hospitality, a person accustomed to handle old paper, as is customary to say. As we write them, we will hang them on our blog.

En éste órden:

1) El Café de la Loba

2) El Café de la Lobilla

3) El Café España

4) El Café del Turco

5) El Café Suizo

6) El Café Múnich

y por último

7) El Café Central

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