Specialising in traditional Spanish food, at Café Central Málaga we combine tradition and quality on our menu. Our establishment’s history dates back over a century, the dating of the oldest document that bears witness of its existence, and this can only be achieved when the product is excellent, as well as customer service. This is why we strive every day to provide continuity to this emblematic locale, well-known by everyone in the city, where they know that they can come in at any time, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, thanks to our varied menu that always has something for everyone.

Based on traditional Spanish gastronomy, our offer includes salads, premium quality cold cuts, fried local fish, meat, fish, gazpacho, hamburgers, stews, seafood and so much more. What we are truly known for is our coffee, as we have developed a method to produce our own. We were also the ones to name each of the multiple options in serving it, and we are always seeking new options that keep us up to date.

traditional spanish food

Taste the best traditional Spanish food in our establishment

Without a doubt the pre-dinner hour is the perfect time to visit our tapas and wine bar, because there are options for all tastes, in a pleasant environment that exudes history, and with an attentive and professional service that treats each client as if they were the only one there, which they acknowledge with their loyalty to us.

One of the fail-safe combinations for any meal that you may organise at Café Central Málaga is tapas and a paella, whether it is based on seafood, a combination of seafood and meat, or the gentleman’s paella, where you won’t have to touch the ingredients with your hands as they have already been peeled or removed from the shell.

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