Any time is a good time to visit our tapas and wine bar, to enjoy this typically Spanish way of eating, with small portions accompanying our varied wine selection. For those who love variety it is perfect for sharing with your favourite companions. At Café Central Málaga we take care of all the rest thanks to our excellent kitchen, a fully-stocked wine cellar and an attentive and warm service, a guarantee of an unbeatable ambiance.

Tapas and wine are very popular at our bar, and you will find that we offer a tapas tasting board with a varied sampler of our gastronomy, with several options, from 4 to 16 tapas of your choice from our menu. However, if you would like something more substantial, we have a full menu of dishes that you can also share, salads, meat, fish, fried fish and desserts, and then, top it all off with one of our delicious coffees that have made history. Choose among any of the ways we serve your special coffee: black, extra strong, strong, espresso, half-and-half, semi-short, short, semi-milky coffee (shadow), milky coffee (cloud) or “none for me”.

wine tapas bar

We offer a wide variety of tasty gastronomic delights in our tapas and wine bar

Many customers come to Café Central Málaga to savour tapas and a paella, because this rice dish is another of our specialities. We offer the classical seafood or combination paella, and we also cater for those who do not wish to touch the food with their hands by peeling shrimp or shelling seafood, with our gentleman’s paella, already peeled and shelled and bursting with flavour. We also offer a seafood fideuá, made with special noodles instead of rice, a typical dish from the Valencia area.

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